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Cargo claims

As you will be aware, cargo claims can be highly technical with short time limits, and with jurisdictional issues and title to sue points to be carefully addressed.  

Cargo has the potential to damage or even sink the ship that it is loaded on. Shifting or liquefying cargoes can render a vessel unsafe and expose the crew to mortal danger. Badly stowed cargo can self heat and start fires at sea. But the cargo itself can also be damaged, either because the vessel is not in the right condition, the crew lack the necessary skill or because it has some inherent defect, unseen on loading. Whether you are a carrier, P & I Club, trader or cargo insurer, we can help you to find a commercial solution backed by a good legal understanding of the issues.

We advise on:

  • unseaworthiness and damage causation
  • dangerous goods
  • bills of lading, their endorsement, enforcement and delivery issues
  • cargo survey and inspection orders
  • LOF salvage & GA

  • cargo stranded or abandoned short of destination
  • transhipment and distressed cargo sales
  • dumping at sea
  • recovery actions
  • ship arrest and security

You will want to involve someone who has experience in a whole range of cargoes:

  • from refrigerated bananas and squid through oil and LNG; to
  • bulk, containerised, project and heavylift; and
  • potentially dangerous cargoes such as DRI, sodium hypochlorite, cotton and nickel ore.  

With ex-mariners and engineers on our team, and having acted for all stakeholders, we understand your priorities and can drill down quickly to the central issues.

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