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The vast majority of charterparties are subject to English law and jurisdiction. You will clearly want lawyers who deal with a wide range of specialist contracts and who have a firm grasp of the authorities and precedents that govern the maritime legal framework. You will want a commercially minded team that has an instinctive feel for the legal issues based on decades of experience.

Vessels may be on the same ocean but rarely are they on the same voyage. Risk is apportioned between the key stakeholders by the terms of a charterparty which may or may not be incorporated into the contract of carriage evidenced by a bill of lading. Problems continuously arise over payment of hire or freight; the safety of ports and berths; ownership of bunkers or the performance of the vessel itself. Disputes are sometimes unavoidable but we pride ourselves on resolving issues whilst helping you preserve the underlying commercial relationships.

We are happy to advise on contentious or non-contentious issues. We are equally at home advising shipowners or charterers on their options in the face of seemingly intractable issues, as we are drafting specialist clauses. Our team includes lawyers who have helped draft some of the most widely used standard contracts in shipping.  We are used to working with P & I and FD & D Clubs and have good relations with them all.

Whatever the problem we are confident we are able to help and at rates that are competitive.

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