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Dispute resolution

We are a litigation team that will negotiate commercially to achieve the optimum outcome but, where necessary, will fight your corner hard should it come to litigation.

You will expect your lawyers to be commercial, able to help resolve disputes in a way that preserves existing commercial relationships, and in a cost effective manner. We have a sound understanding of the court and common arbitral processes such as:

  • London High Court – Commercial and Admiralty Courts
  • LMAA
  • LOF (Lloyd’s Open Form)
  • GAFTA and other trade and commodity dispute forums.

Litigation is much more than simply applying the law. In some respects it is as much about project management and we are certainly used to dealing with the various related issues, including:

  • coordinating complex cross-border litigation
  • ship arrest and lien enforcement for security
  • forum selection
  • international conflict of laws
  • EU and related jurisdictional and enforcement regulations

  • collecting, analysing and presenting evidence
  • computing, presenting, challenging and negotiating damages
  • the enforcement of awards in foreign jurisdictions.

Not all of your disputes will be contractual and some (particularly after a casualty) will be with local authorities and governmental officials in difficult places. We have a wealth of experience in these matters.

Here in the UK there is an emphasis on resolving disputes before the expense of a trial is incurred, often by way of mediation. Mediation requires careful preparation but it also allows you and your counter party opportunities to resolve issues and to argue the facts in a controlled way. You can expect that 80% of such mediations are resolved without the need for full litigation, achieving closure and a finality to what otherwise could become long drawn out and expensive litigation. 

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