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Sale and purchase disputes

As you will be aware buying or selling ships of whatever description, or indeed yachts, will be done on the standard forms through brokers. In most cases this is a straight-forward transaction where the closing meeting goes ahead without a hitch. Our team includes people well versed in putting such deals together and gained from working in-house for shipowners.

However, you will know that it is not always plain sailing:

  • last minute disputes over condition (often combined with an attempt to reduce price) are not uncommon;
  • questions arise over deposits and late delivery; and
  • defects are found after delivery or the ship is not where it should be at the right time.

Such situations can be stressful. We are used to giving calm and sensible advice working with brokers, bankers and the other side to move things forward.  Where that is not possible you will want your lawyers to move quickly to apply presssure to resolve a difference before relationships deteriorate too far or, ultimately, to take an unresolved dispute to litigation. However, above all else, like you, we want the deal to go through.    

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