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Maritime security

If you are trading through the Gulf of Aden or Indian Ocean you will be familiar with the BIMCO GUARDCON contract which is now the industry standard agreement for the use of armed guards on board vessels. You may not be so sure of how that applies off West Africa or what insurances are required.

The UK like other countries has a strict licensing system imposed through the Export Control Order 2008 and the Firearms Act 1968 which maritime security companies must adhere to when buying weapons and moving them between countries. We are used to working with industry bodies on these issues and understand the regulatory framework governing the use and deployment of weapons and their storage in, for example, floating armouries. We have dealt with conflicts and issues arising from both.

In Stephen Askins we have someone who was involved in the drafting of GUARDCON which is now the most used BIMCO standard contract. We can advise on contractual and liability issues that may arise.

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