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Tatham Macinnes undertook a full Wreck Removal Project in relation to a capsized container vessel off the coast of West Africa.

We became involved whilst the vessel was listing heavily and taking on water. She had already signed LOF with SCOPIC incorporated and invoked, and she eventually capsized with half the vessel beneath and half the vessel above the waterline. Following this she gradually sank down into the soft muddy bottom, coming to rest with approximately 2 metres of the vessel still above the waterline.

Tatham Macinnes handled the full transition from LOF/SCOPIC to a Caretaker Contract arrangement whilst the final Wreck Removal Contract was negotiated.

The container vessel was slot-chartered to two of the major liner companies and Tatham Macinnes handled all of the related charterparty and cargo claims issues, including a limitation action in the UK.

After undertaking a full tender process involving nine of the main Wreck Removal Contractors, and carrying out complicated negotiations with the Angolan government, the wreck removal contract was agreed and signed for the overall project.

The operation went well. As is often the case, it was necessary part-way through the process to change the method. Nevertheless, the project was completed within the anticipated time-lines and on-budget.