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Are STS “Collisions” Collisions at all?

Are STS “Collisions” Collisions at all? – Points to Note with STS Damage Claims The first question that arises with an STS collision is – is it a “collision” at all? Intuitively, it does not feel like a collision. Indeed, in many instances, the vessels are already joined together with mooring equipment. Therefore, it may not […]

Shipping Collision
Collisions – Pitfalls, Banana Skins and Tips under English Law   »

Rule No 1: Never accept security without a Jurisdiction Agreement! Unless you have a very good reason, never accept security without a separate jurisdiction agreement in relation to the underlying collision. Failure to do this can result in the ultimate check-mate where a party will potentially be in a position of having security for their […]

The Stolt Kestrel
The Stolt Kestrel [2015] EWCA Civ 1035 – Lessons learned!   »

Image source: ShipSpotting In terms of time-limits, there were salutary lessons for the unwary in the case of The Stolt Kestrel[1]. In that case a collision occurred between the Stolt Kestrel (which was berthed at the time in a UK port) and the Niyazi S. As will be appreciated, responsibility and liability for the collision […]