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The “RENOS” – The Supreme Court settles the law on allowable CTL costs – no more “dry lemons”…

On 12 June 2019, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment holding that: Pre-Notice of Abandonment (NOA) costs do count towards the CTL calculation – dealing with an issue which had not been addressed by English courts for over fifty years; and SCOPIC costs do not constitute “costs of repairing the damage” for the purposes of […]

The “B Atlantic” Supreme Court Decision – Attempted smuggling is not a “malicious act”   »

On 22 May 2018, the Supreme Court published its judgment in the case of the “B Atlantic”.[1] The decision will be of particular interest to owners and operators whose vessels trade to areas where the risk of judicial detention is higher than normal. It highlights the risk that traditional war risks insurance may not respond […]

UK Supreme Court overturns ruling on “fraudulent device”   »

A vessel is incapacitated by an ingress of water which floods the engine by way of a faulty sea-water inlet valve in the bow thruster space. It is unsurprising that sceptical underwriters mount an investigation. The witnesses are proffered for interview and a theory developed to explain the steps required for the water to reach […]

Costa Concordia
Marine Insurance and Late Payment of Claims   »

Provisions of the Enterprise Bill 2015 propose to reform the law of late payment of insurance claims. The reform may have little effect on marine insurance in general. However, in the case of claims under maritime liability conventions, insurers need to be wary of their obligations to claimants exercising a right of direct action.   The […]

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