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    Full service maritime solicitors with an innate understanding of the shipping industry with an  approach that prioritises speed, straight talking and flexibility. Providing solutions that work for you.

  • Dry shipping

    You will want people who can deliver sensible legal and commercial solutions to the conflicts which are an inevitable part of shipping. Our team includes people who have first hand industry experience, including master mariners and a former naval architect and surveyor. We use that experience to quickly home in on central issues.

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  • Admiralty and casualty

    We guide clients through the legal complexities that major incidents throw up, be that a grounding, collision or fire, whether resulting in a total loss or involving salvage, on-shipment of cargo, GA, pollution or wreck removal.

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  • Piracy and security

    The world does not get any safer and it is difficult not to transit across waters where coastal states are subject to internal conflict and where your vessels are not potentially exposed to collateral damage from attacks by warring factions or criminal gangs.

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  • Marine insurance

    Whatever your role in a maritime venture you will want to make sure that your commercial risk is insured. We provide contentious and advisory services to all stakeholders, including to insurers themselves.

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  • Offshore

    Whether you are an oil, drilling, or service company or an insurer we are experienced in reviewing contracts and in dispute resolution.

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  • International trade and commodities

    When goods are delayed or their condition differs from what is expected, parties to sale contracts need on the spot advice as to what can and can’t be done against the counterparty and possibly against a transport provider, and as to what practical and legal steps to take to minimise exposure and to secure the best possible recovery.

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  2. Dry shipping
  3. Admiralty and casualty
  4. Piracy and security
  5. Marine insurance
  6. Offshore
  7. International trade and commodities

Latest knowledge


Borrowed Weapons – Is a Register the answer? The “Giles Noakes Legacy”

The April 2017 edition of “The Bridge” printed an article I wrote in January which questioned the BIMCO amended guidance on Clause 10 of GUARDCON issued in November 2016 relating to “rented” and “borrowed” weapons. The article therefore did not reflect the further changes BIMCO made in February 2017 and in the week before his […]

shutterstock_406729075 2
Qatar – Legal Implications for Shipping   »

A war of words exploded on 5th June 2017 as Saudi Arabia and three of its biggest allies (UAE, Egypt and Bahrain) severed diplomatic ties with Qatar. Riyadh accused Qatar of backing radical Islamist groups and since then Libya, Yemen and the Maldives have also joined in the boycott. With President Trump backing Saudi Arabia, […]

The "Wcry" ransomware uses a weapons-grade exploit published by the NSA-leaking group calling themselves the Shadow Brokers.
Ransomware and Cyberterrorism – Is it legal to pay to unlock your computer?   »

The IT world is reeling from what is described as an unprecedented cyber-attack which has manifested itself in the form of a denial of access “ransomware” locking computers and threatening to delete data if the demand for a payment of US$300 in bitcoins is not paid. It is said to have affected 200,000 computers in […]

Piracy in the Sulu Sea – The “new Somalia” or a limited threat?   »

The National Counterterrorism Centre describes the Abu Sayyaf Group (“ASG”) as “the most violent of the Islamic separatist groups operating in the Southern Philippines” and it has as one of its aims the promotion of an independent Islamic State in western Mindanao. It is on the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s proscribed list. It is […]


Would the B Atlantic have been determined differently if it was under the Nordic Plan?

Following the recent decision in London in the B Atlantic, this article considers whether the assured would have had their claim for a CTL paid had the B Atlantic been insured under the Nordic Plan.   What the English Courts decided under the Institute War Risk Clauses For the purposes of determining liability in the B […]

Late hire debate resolved
Debate resolved: One late hire payment isn’t enough (in itself), but where does this leave owners faced with late payments?   »

Any uncertainty about whether an owner can automatically terminate a charterparty and claim damages for a single late payment of hire has been resolved by the decision of the Court of Appeal in Grand China Logistics Holding (Group) Ltd v Spar Shipping AS [2016] EWCA Civ 982 (7 October 2016). [click on case name for […]

Featured case studies

A run of the mill cargo claim was then anything but because the port was then bombed by the Saudi Air Force. The container cranes were knocked out and bomb damage was strewn across the quayside. The crew spent an uncomfortable night deep in the engine room.


A vessel in transit off the Niger Delta was attacked by two skiffs. After a chase and a sustained attack with automatic weapons some of the gang gained access to the vessel and stormed the bridge. Four crew were taken off the vessel and put into the skiffs.


Tatham Macinnes acted for a well known UK based ship sale & purchase broker following the discovery that their website had been cloned. They had received a call from a disgruntled trader in the Middle East who had sold a consignment of frozen fish via the fraudulent brokers, and had not been paid.