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FCA COVID-19 Test Case – Business Interruption Insurance

Causation, the Orient Express and the meaning of: “Prevention”, “Vicinity”, “Event”, “Incident”, “Restriction”, “Interruption” and “Authorities”. Where this leaves us now, and other implications In a landmark decision, the Financial Conduct Authority has pursued a test case against multiple insurers providing business interruption cover in order to try and quickly bring more certainty to the […]

The Renos
The “RENOS” – The Supreme Court settles the law on allowable CTL costs – no more “dry lemons”…   »

On 12 June 2019, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment holding that: a) Pre-Notice of Abandonment (NOA) costs do count towards the CTL calculation – dealing with an issue which had not been addressed by English courts for over fifty years; and b) SCOPIC costs do not constitute “costs of repairing the damage” for […]