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Partner Alex Macinnes included in Who’s Who Legal: Transport 2021

We are delighted to announce that Alex Macinnes has once again been recognised in the Who’s Who Legal: Transport 2021 as one of the world’s leading practitioners in this area. Alex comments: “What a fantastic endorsement to receive, and I am very grateful to all those who have supported us over the years and continue to […]

FCA COVID-19 Test Case
FCA COVID-19 Test Case – Business Interruption Insurance   »

Causation, the Orient Express and the meaning of: “Prevention”, “Vicinity”, “Event”, “Incident”, “Restriction”, “Interruption” and “Authorities”. Where this leaves us now, and other implications In a landmark decision, the Financial Conduct Authority has pursued a test case against multiple insurers providing business interruption cover in order to try and quickly bring more certainty to the […]

LNG Bunkering
Bunker Roundup|Part III: LNG: A cleaner way forward   »

The IMO has aimed high to reduce CO2 emissions intensity (against the 2008 baseline) by at least 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2050, and to halve international shipping greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Whereas the industry is on the lookout for the next zero or low emission alternative, LNG stands out as the […]

Bunker Roundup Chart
Bunker Roundup|Part II: Are scrubbers a lost cause?   »

It has been reported that only about 150 vessels entered repair yards for scrubber retrofits during April and May 2020[1]. It has been estimated that 700 scrubbers might potentially be cancelled or postponed[2]. Scrubbers have been recognised as a relevant compliance solution for the 2020 sulphur limit. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the oil […]


Bunker Roundup |Part I: Off-specification VLSFO: Blame it on the COVID-19?

Amid the COVID-19 chaos, the oil industry witnessed a historical event when the price of US oil collapsed into negative territory for the first time ever[1]. In the first half of 2020, global and regional lockdowns and restrictions in response to the pandemic dried up the demand for oil to almost vanishing point. Steep oil […]

Shipping Commercial
Trapped Seafarers: The Legal and Practical Implications – Can We See Fairer Waters Ahead?   »

The spread of Covid-19 has seen the imposition of lockdowns across the globe. As has been widely reported, these restrictions on travel have left hundreds of thousands of seafarers stuck at sea, in some cases well past the expiry of their original contracts. Undertaking the now much needed crew changes poses a significant logistical challenge […]


Impact of COVID-19 on Shipbuilding and Offshore Construction Contracts: Is a Pandemic the Same as an Epidemic? Does a ‘Supervening Illegality’ Trump a Force Majeure Clause?

In the wake of the coronavirus (“COVID-19”) worldwide outbreak, the socio-economic activities in many countries have been impeded on an unprecedented scale. The shipbuilding / offshore construction industry alone has been exposed to significant difficulties, such as compulsory lockdowns, mandatory quarantines, shortage of labour, shortage of supplies and materials, and many governmental restrictions and policies […]

Ship To Ship Collisions
Are STS “Collisions” Collisions at all?   »

Are STS “Collisions” Collisions at all? – Points to Note with STS Damage Claims The first question that arises with an STS collision is – is it a “collision” at all? Intuitively, it does not feel like a collision. Indeed, in many instances, the vessels are already joined together with mooring equipment. Therefore, it may not […]

Naval Architect
Role of an Owners’ Superintendent or Naval Architect – Walking the Line   »

There are two main areas of particular peril for an inhouse ship’s superintendent or naval architect when involved with a new shipbuilding project. The first is the design responsibility, and the second is the responsibilities surrounding the inspection regime. 1) Design responsibilities When the design of a vessel is defective, the consequences can be severe. […]

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