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Trapped Seafarers: The Legal and Practical Implications – Can We See Fairer Waters Ahead?

The spread of Covid-19 has seen the imposition of lockdowns across the globe. As has been widely reported, these restrictions on travel have left hundreds of thousands of seafarers stuck at sea, in some cases well past the expiry of their original contracts. Undertaking the now much needed crew changes poses a significant logistical challenge […]

Impact of COVID-19 on Shipbuilding and Offshore Construction Contracts: Is a Pandemic the Same as an Epidemic? Does a ‘Supervening Illegality’ Trump a Force Majeure Clause?   »

In the wake of the coronavirus (“COVID-19”) worldwide outbreak, the socio-economic activities in many countries have been impeded on an unprecedented scale. The shipbuilding / offshore construction industry alone has been exposed to significant difficulties, such as compulsory lockdowns, mandatory quarantines, shortage of labour, shortage of supplies and materials, and many governmental restrictions and policies […]

Are STS “Collisions” Collisions at all?   »

Are STS “Collisions” Collisions at all? – Points to Note with STS Damage Claims The first question that arises with an STS collision is – is it a “collision” at all? Intuitively, it does not feel like a collision. Indeed, in many instances, the vessels are already joined together with mooring equipment. Therefore, it may not […]

Role of an Owners’ Superintendent or Naval Architect – Walking the Line   »

There are two main areas of particular peril for an inhouse ship’s superintendent or naval architect when involved with a new shipbuilding project. The first is the design responsibility, and the second is the responsibilities surrounding the inspection regime. 1) Design responsibilities When the design of a vessel is defective, the consequences can be severe. […]


Partner Alex Macinnes included in Who’s Who Legal: Transport 2020

We are delighted to announce that partner Alex Macinnes was included in the Who’s Who Legal: Transport 2020 as one of the world’s leading practitioners in this area. Alex comments: “What a fantastic endorsement to receive, and I am very grateful to all those who have supported us over the years and continue to support […]

Salvage and wreck
Salvage & Wreck Removal Conference   »

Alex Macinnes, and Sora Jeon, partners of Tatham Macinnes LLP, participated in the “mega” panel discussion on “Focus Debate: Preparing for and Managing Mega Ship Casualties” and the discussion on “The Renos case: Practical Implications of the Judgment for Stakeholders” at the 22nd Salvage & Wreck Removal Conference on the 4 to 5 of December […]


Tatham Macinnes’ Capt Matt Forbes spends a month in command of medical aid vessel in Papua New Guinea

Tatham Macinnes are proud to sponsor one of their Master Mariner and Solicitor, Capt Matt Forbes, who has returned from acting as Master of the medical aid vessel YWAM PNG. Working in partnership with the local government, the converted former passenger vessel provides medical assistance to remote areas of Papua New Guinea (PNG), with onboard medical […]

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Collisions – Pitfalls, Banana Skins and Tips under English Law   »

Rule No 1: Never accept security without a Jurisdiction Agreement! Unless you have a very good reason, never accept security without a separate jurisdiction agreement in relation to the underlying collision. Failure to do this can result in the ultimate check-mate where a party will potentially be in a position of having security for their […]

IMO 2020: Are We Ready?   »

We are less than six months away from possibly the biggest regulatory change the shipping industry has seen since the phasing out of single-hull tankers. From 1 January 2020, ships will have to use fuel oil with a sulphur content of no more than 0.50% m/m under regulation 14.1.3 of Annex VI of the MARPOL […]

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